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My lily of the valley seem to have survived having been transplanted, and I even have a few little flowers under my window. Now if I can keep the utility workers with their ginormous feet from trampling them, I should have a lovely patch of them in a couple of years. I have planted new foxgloves and lavender, and I think I have saved the heirloom climbing rose in the back, while at the same time going Rambo on the weeds and generally out of control jungle that is my backyard (this is a years-long struggle, and recently took a 30 ft dumpster to clear the bulk of the crap that had taken over my yard. Long story.) So generally, I am very happy to have reclaimed the outside of my house!

In other news, I had a lovely Easter dinner with family (well, most of them anyway).

My cousin (well, technically my ex-husband's stepmother's brother's wife, so 'cousin' it is!), is awesome. We play D&D, go antiquing (and junk shopping) together, and fiddle with pens and crafts and who knows what all. She is also pretty much a full on lefty liberal, and I'd say about 99% heathen, too.

Well, she typically does the family Easter meal. These things can, as I am sure many of you know, be fraught with tension, but this was nice. Niblet (my son for new folks) and I went over, as did my ex, his dad (also my 'Dad,' and always will be), and his wife (also known as SMiLfH; step-mother-in-law-from-hell, because she totally is), and Dad's father. The last three are hopelessly religious (though I suspect Dad fakes it to avoid the wrath of SMiLfH). But my ex, my son, my cousin, and her husband are really not. SMiLfH and ex's grandfather are also super republican conservative types, and while Dad is as staunch a liberal as anyone, he keeps it rather mum for the same reasons as he pretends to rather more religious sentiment than I suspect he really feels.... All in all it is sometimes a bit of a tinderbox awaiting a match...

Nevertheless, there were no disagreements, no bickering, not even very much shade thrown. Signs of relief all round! And then my son and I stayed around to rant about Tantrump with my cousin. Good food, good folks, no conflict? As good an Easter as about the best a heathen like me can hope for!

So a happy walking dead/zombie Jesus/Easter to all of you, as well! ;)
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So finished all my teaching classes, except for finals (and grading of course - ugh!) Also finished up my grad media class! W00t! That was a fun class - did my semester research paper on Dragon Age, which was a lot of fun! (Any game geeks that want to wade through 30-odd pages of academic/geek speak, I'm happy to share...)

I still have a Latin final, but that's no big deal (I have a LOT of studying to do tho! Eeek!)

Speaking of Latin, I also have discovered a wonderful possibility for the niblet for hight school! It's a classical academy, and they base their teaching around Latin, Greek, the Socratic method, and a solid foundation in classic and classical literature. It's a challenging atmosphere, but it's really small, and I think he'd respond well. He's been so disenchanted with school, it's kind of heartbreaking, so I'm really hopeful about this!

In other, sadder news, we lost the grand matriarch of the family last weekend. She was my son's great, great grandmother, and a Winchester, no less! (Yes, those Winchesters...) Not many people get to say they spent time with 5 generations of family in one room! At 104 years old, she was still sharp as a tack, full of piss and vinegar, but equally full of laughter and wit, and a character like only she could be. What an amazing woman. I guess I had sort of started to think she'd be around forever... Here's to you, Sudie; we'll miss you, but with fondness.
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I don't know where to start. For one thing, I've been sick as all get-out. Blech! Head feels like concrete, gunk in my throat and chest, coughing like a demented seal - I think I'm finally starting to shake whatever bug it is, but I'm exhausted.

My classes (taking) are meh. Only they are actually kind of meh with a vengeance. No really, something can, in fact, be aggressively meh, trust me. On the other hand, the ones I"m teaching are going great. I even got nominated for a faculty favorite award by a sorority on campus... o_O Never heard of it before, but it's kinda awesome!

Getting ready to buy a new iMac - w00t! So I'm combing over files and junk accumulated on my HD. I am a packrat! But cleaning house feels kinda nice, even if it'sonly the digital variety; I've been too sick to do the real kind, and I"m not looking forward to getting caught up once I fell better. And how much does that suck, anyway? "Feeling better? Great, here's the mop!" *sigh*

In game world I may be late to the party (seems I usually am, sadly) but I am so very deeply in love with Dragon Age:Origins. This game - if you remember my squeeing over Neverwinter Nights 2, this is much the same (same devs, even) but times a thousand! The depth and complexity of the plot decisions and the characters - I find it truly impressive. I just adore it. The world, the people - just wow. It is similar, I understand, to the connection a lot of people feel for the Mass Effect series (also same devs). I have not played that, because I'm kind of a Sword & Sorcery gal, but I might have to check it out.

What is bugging me is that the hubby totally does not get it. At all. To him, video games are a big waste of time and energy. If I were to try to explain to him how difficult it is to choose which contender to put on the dwarven throne, or told him that I really, truly cried when my character's parents died, he'd say that was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard. If I showed him that hundreds, thousands of people who felt similarly, or that spoke of how profoundly that game affected them, he'd say they were all losers who needed to get a life. And he wonders why I get defensive about my games?! Alas.

OK, wasn't trying to make this the game-angst post, so I'll leave it there for now....

(And yes, OK, I am very much smitten with Alistair, what does that have to do with anything? You know me and those paladin/templar/warrior types....)
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(Yes, this is a repost of last year's entry for this day. But I find it highly doubtful that this answer will ever change....)

This is easy. When I was seven, I think, my grandparents and my mom made me a castle. Not a silly little toy castle. This was the most amazing thing you could imagine, to say nothing of the astonished wonder of a child.

It stood four feet high, fashioned from a wooden bookshelf. Three floors, carpeted staircases, chandeliers, a garden, a balcony, stained glass windows, a tower. A ballroom with tiled floors and thrones for the kind and queen. The royal bedroom, in red and purple velvet and brocade. The princesses' room, green and gold and just a hint of pink. In the round, crenelated tower, a witch, a spinning wheel, and a little half-round bench hand-carved by my grandfather. There were two princes, two princesses, the king, queen, the king's brother. There was a witch, a giant, and a fairy. Each one had clothing made by hand. There was a horse and carriage and a garden with trees, a cobbled path and a fountain with water lilies. Every inch of the outside was lovingly carved into stones, even the fronts of the drawers that made up the bottom of the shelf.

When I came down Christmas morning, there it sat, nearly as tall as I was, gleaming, the lights shimmering from the golds and silvers, from the metallic brocades and the crystal chandeliers. When I went back to school in January, we were to write a story about our favorite present, and draw a picture. I got in trouble for making things up, and when the teacher called my mom to report me, my mom had to set her straight.

I have only two very poor photos of it, and, I am sorry to say, I no longer have it. When I had to move to California, I donated it to a children's museum. I came back a year later, and they had sold it. I have no idea where it is, or who now has this rare treasure crafted by the hands of my family. But there has never been a handmade gift like that one....
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The Niblet has been accepted into a super Middle School program! The school district changed our home school after we bought our hose, and placed us in an awful Middle School. So we had to apply to a 'magnet program' to get into the school a block away from where I teach. He had to get recommendations, write an essay - it was practically like applying to college! But he got in, and I am so proud of him! It's a great program that really plays to his academic strengths. And by the end of next year, the program will be accredited as part of the International Baccalaureate (!

In other news, Niblet and I are going to Panama this year, and he is terribly excited. About the trip, but also because he gets to miss the last week and a half of school! Turns out we can handle this as an 'academic enrichment absence,' which will be perfect as he head into his International Studies Magnet Program!

On the topic of the Niblet, I spent last Thursday chaperoning an all-day field trip by the entire fifth grade. Whew! What a day that was! The morning on a riverboat (paddle-wheeler, even), followed by a movie at the performing arts center, then a four block walk to the history museum for a scavenger hunt through time. It was a lot of fun, but I have 12 kids under my personal supervision (Niblet included) and by the end of it, we were exhausted!

I gave my final today, and returned the graded research papers. Pretty mixed batch this time - a few good ones and Now I just have stack of finals to grade and I'm done with another semester! Seems easier on this side of the desk, at least this time of the semester! When I'm agonizing over how to get through everything I need to get through, or how to fill up all my class time it's...less so.

I was dismayed to find we had something like quarter sized hail, but as it turns out, the garden didn't take too much damage. Lost a few been sproutlings, but nothing else. Even my newly leafing roses seem unscathed.

This came about during a rather odd show we all went to see. A show consisting of performing cats. yes, you read that right, performing house-cats. The Amazing Acro-Cats! It was very strange, much like one light expect from a troupe of performing cats! There was even a band, the RockCats, which consisted of four cats and a chicken. Yes, a chicken. Entertaining, but very, very, strange.

Other than that, not too much to report....
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In other news, we have a second cat! Why? Well, for one thing, the vet recommended it when we were concerned about Widget, our adolescent rebel, being a bit too wild. And of course, I'm a sucker for a fuzzy face. I saw this really sweet cat at the adoption center at the local pet supply way back before Christmas. I was really taken with her then, but.... I hemmed and hawed. I wasn't ready.

We go to different locations of the same local chain, so I didn't get back there until last week. And sure enough, the poor thing was still there! (Apparently they have a really hard time adopting our black cats - I guess people are still scared of them or something. Oi!) I almost took her on the spot, but I decided I needed to sleep on it, to say nothing of consulting the husband. He gave the OK, so back I went, and one week ago today, Midnight joined our family!

She's a medium-haired mixed breed, all black, about a year old. Poor dear hadn't had any vet care until she was surrendered by her former owner (along with two others) because they couldn't afford to keep them. I'm really grateful they at least gave them up, and didn't dump them! Midnight was the last of the three to need a home, and I'm really happy she's our! She's a sweet, cuddly thing, purrs at the drop of a hat. She's still pretty hostile (if totally unafraid) of Widget, even though he's a good bit bigger than she is (she's tiny!). But Widget seems to just want to play, so I think they'll work it out fine. Here she is:
Second day, and she seems quite at home already. No too fond of Widget, our other cat though....
Portrait of a Princess
Portrait of a Princess
She's a pretty lady, and she knows it! She's also tiny! She's at her full adult size, and she doesn't even top 9 pounds!
And the boy of the house is getting to be a big, handsome boy! He's so cute with Midnight; he follows her around everywhere, and jumps a foot if she so much as looks back over her shoulder at him. I think he's OK with her, and just wants to play....
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Yes, I missed the last few days of my Advent Calendar. Part of that was due to actual, real-life stuff - baking cookies, wrapping presents, cleaning the house for company, all that wonderful holiday stuff I really love.

This year, I made a really fantastic fruitcake, inspired by the one made by my hubby's great-grandmother. I have always loved her fruitcake, but the last couple years, due to declining health, she hasn't been making them (she's 103, so it's quite understandable!). She gave her recipe to my husband, who stuck it in a book for safekeeping and (you know where this is going, right?) So, I've been fiddling with recipes trying to find one that will yields a result as good as hers. I'll admit, I'm not *quite* there yet, but I think, with a few adjustments, this recipe will do it.

Christmas Day we had the family in for brunch at the house, for the second year running, and it was an unqualified success! We had eggs, potatoes with red pepper & onion, veggie breakfast sausage and bacon, fresh orange juice, biscuits, eggnog, coffee, and of course, fruitcake.

After brunch came the gift frenzy! My son was quite buried! I think he must have gotten at least 20 packages! Hubby cleaned up in the clothes department (about all one can buy for him) though I also got him a portable hard drive, a blank up-cycled journal of Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil, and a rollerball pen that fills from an ink bottle, like a fountain pen without the nib fussiness. (I've been trying to give him a pen he will actually use for years now, this was my last ditch effort! We'll see if it takes!)

I scored some good hits with the in-laws, I think. Of course the real prize for them was the MacBook hubby got for Dad! I just hope he uses it!

Yesterday evening we all snuggled up to watch A Christmas Carol (the Patrick Stewart version) and enjoy a quiet evening. Today it's been dishes and clean up, with a few errands, but overall blissfully little to do!
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(So I'm behind on a daily meme? In other news, night dark, and water wet.)

Day 19: A favorite Holiday memory. I don't know if I could pick out one single memory. The holidays were (and are!) such a magical time for me, so my memories all blur into a colorful sparkling collage. There are fragments, of course, like the time I wanted to practice wrapping gifts, and wrapped every empty box I could find, using up every scrap of wrapping paper in the house. I had such fun! My folks were less than amused by having to dash out at the last minute to buy more paper, and I became the family gift-wrapper thereafter (though I'm not entirely certain it was meant as an honor!) Or the year my grandfather gave my grandmother an entire set of cookware, and made her hunt all over the house for each individually wrapped piece! She was so mad, but she was laughing the whole time, too. I suppose any of the memories where my family is there, laughing, being silly, and enjoying the fun and magic of the holiday is a favorite memory.

Day 20: Hanukkah wishes I don't celebrate Hanukkah, and I know only one person who does. She was a teacher of mine, intelligent, funny, a bit odd, but a really good person. So in her name, and her honor, I wish one and all the light and joy of Hanukkah.

Day 21: Yule and Solstice Greetings I suppose I celebrate Yule as much as I do Christmas. The heart of the holiday, no matter the myth, is the notion of finding light in the heart of the longest nights. And really, isn't that a deeply inherent human desire, to find hope and renewal in the midst of the darkness?
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(yes, I am running a day behind)

I have wish lists, on Amazon and whatnot, but eh... I don't even tend to shove those in front of my husband, so why should I force them at you? I don't expect anyone here to get me anything - really, having you all here in my little virtual (and not so virtual) world is a gift I'm very grateful for every day. If you really want to do something, make me an icon, write me a letter, share a story. Or, head over to my virtual tree (HERE) and leave a prezzie there - because it really is the thought that counts. Peace, all!
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Wow. The whole crazy, mish-mash holiday is a big ball of tradition and remembrance for me, so this might be tough to put in a list. But here are three of the nearest and dearest:

1. First, there is Santa Mouse. Inspired by my childhood love of the Santa Mouse books, my mom made a tiny little mouse (an erstwhile cat toy, I think) with a Santa hat to sit in the tree. Every year, Santa Mouse would bring one or two teeny gifts, which would appear in the tree beside him on Christmas morning. We have continued that tradition with my son, and a couple years back, I decided it was time for the original to enter retirement, and I made a new Santa Mouse (the one pictured at the above link). Every year, sure enough, a couple teeny presents appear in the branches of the tree next to him.

2. Cookies! Loads and loads of cookies: shortbread, sables, krinkles, bourbon balls, gingerbread - you name it! My son is my very able baker's apprentice, and we have a blast baking our little holiday hearts out.

3. Ornaments. Now, that may not *seem* like a tradition, but for me, it really is. My collection of ornaments, largely German blown-glass, includes ornaments from every generation of my family going back onto the late 1800s, with a very small few actually brought over from Germany by one Eleanora Augusta Alriche when she emmigrated. Each generation had added to the collection over the years. Sadly, a few years before I was born, a basement flood claimed a bit over half of the oldest ones, but I have almost all of those that survived. There is a mix of Victorian, deco, and a healthy dose of 50s and 60s 'Shiny Brite' kitsch. There are many I remember from my own childhood, and I can tell you not only which ones were my favorites but those of my grandmother, grandfather, even my great-aunts. So every time I trim the tree, it's a tribute to 6 generations of holidays.

There are many, many more; it really it the case that the whole holiday is wrapped in tradition (and isn't that how it should be?). We read A Child's Christmas in wales every year, and I take my son the the Nutcracker. We always made sure Santa answered his letters, relating tales of the happy chaos at the North Pole, much inspired by Tolkein's Father Christmas Letters, now becoming a tradition itself. And of course, music. I love almost all the older Christmas carols. Silent Night in German brings me to tears every time! I try to get my son to learn the words to some of the old carols, especially the German ones, and he tries, sort of. (Worst setback in this regard ever was a friend giving me 'Catmas Carols:' he knows the words to 'Collar Bells' better than 'Jingle Bells!') And of course, the food! Peppermint, cocoa, stollen (pronounced "shtullen," not 'stolen') and great-great-grandmother's fruitcake, eggnog, ribbon candy... well, I'd better save a few things for later posts; I have 14 days to go!
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Grrr. Just grr. Why? I don't know, just 'cause.

Still coughing my fool head off and getting short of breath every damned five minutes - yuck. Plus fatigue like whoa. I am exhausted, full time, which sucks big hairy you-know-whats through a straw. For serious. I love fall, but it hates me, apparently.

One of the interminable lot of persnickety grandmothers decided to buy us a new bed mattress set, which is lovely, but we were not consulted on it, and really? If I'm going to sleep on it, I'd like to have some input in selecting it. Not to mention, even though we need a new set, I wanted to wait until we could actually get a bed to put them on, which we do not have. Gift horse dentistry aside, could we have maybe talked about this? Planned it out a little? I mean, thanks, but well, damn.

I just do not even have any freaking idea what to do with my life. PhD or not to PhD? Where? Drive 90 minutes each way 3x a week, or say the heck with it? I can't go forever teaching just one or two classes, much as I love doing so, and am pathetically grateful for the chance to do so. Still; bills, baby! And if I don't do that PhD, gonna be some pretty sizable student loan bills comin' round, yo. So I either need to get back into school, or get some grown up money going on.

So while I ponder my money-making options (in the worst economy more or less ever - yay that), I'm looking for conferences to send paper proposals to, and considering substitute teaching (gulp!). I have my doubts about this, really. I mean, the money is OK (not great by any means, but OK), but really, me in a room full of 6-year-olds? More specifically, in a room full of 6-year-olds none of which are mine? I.... dunno... Plus, really early mornings, so not my strong suit. And how in the heck we'll manage Niblet drop off/pick up, I have no freaking clue....

So yep, could be oodles worse, but kinda feeling like the world is spinning a good bit faster than I can run, and it's only a matter of time before I go flying....
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After many years of living critterless (well, OK there's fish and crabs and lizards, but they don't cuddle!) I am pleased to announce a new member of the family:

Meet Widget!

Widget is a male domestic shorthair, born on March 12, 2011. He became our new baby on Tuesday, May 31st. He has a very sweet temperament, and is learning to relax and take charge of his new home very quickly (as cats will do!).
Niblet with Widget
Niblet and Widget are getting along famously. He's learning to be patient about letting the kitten come to him. Given how long he's been wanting a cat, I'm impressed!

Widget; the obligatory 'investigating the camera' shot."
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To all those moms out there, I hope you had a happy Mother's Day, and I hope you got even a fraction of the recognition you deserve! And to my mom: I miss you, and I feel your loss every day, but I'm doing well. I'm proud of what I'm doing lately, and I am proud of how much of that comes from you. I hope you are proud of me, and I know you're proud of your grandson. Peace.

Mother's Day was lovely - my two gentlemen took very good care of me! From the Niblet I got a book on home repairs (100 Things You Don't Need a Man For) and a keychain that looks like a grenade, but opens up into a screwdriver with 6 different bits. (Man, I have an awesome kid!) Hubby, not to be outdone (and in addition to financing Niblet's choices, after all), gave me a nifty novel and a really fascinating book on contemporary Christian martyrdom.... We also went out for desserts (chocolate chess pie with mocha chip ice cream, yum!) and the in-laws gave me a gorgeous rosebush for the house. (Now where to put it....)

Otherwise, I am Gardening Mamma! more garden related stuff under the fold )

For now, off to the garden center! Whee!
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But damn, I got a lot done this weekend!

Friday after my class, I staked out an 8' x 4' area for a raised garden bed. I cleared it, put down several layers of cardboard (with a heavy soaking between each) and then covered it with about 2 inches of leaf mulch. Then I rebuilt our small hoop-house (e.g. greenhouse). Saturday, I helped build a compost system for a local school. There were a bunch of volunteers, but it was still about a five hour job. Then today, niblet and I went and bought lumber and supplies, came back, and build the bed. (It turned out awesomely well, if I do say so myself!) Then out we went again for the soil to fill it. Hubby wanted to bring it from a few of his composting sites, but the logistics didn't work out. So, back out we went.

Three bundles of peat moss, 4 bags of soil, three bags of compost, and three bags of mulch later, it was still a few inches from the top, but I decided it would be fine. I'll add a couple buckets of worms when I can go grab some. Then we planted some 30 veggies and a few herbs. (Cabbages take up an ungodly amount of space in a garden bed, in case you didn't know!) I have another bed (smaller) to build for green peppers, and we still want to put tomatoes and peas along the fence, and possibly some berries.

I'll post pics when I get some snapped. Meanwhile, I ache all over, so I'm gonna go collapse in a heap. I'm not at all sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow....
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I saw this on Post Secret today.

Just the other day I was struck by how often my mom would call. She'd call me over a dozen times a week, and every message started the same way: "Hey, hun. It's me. Just want to say hi."

Don't get me wrong, I talked to her almost every day; she just seemed to have some kind of radar for calling when I was in class, the shower, or something. So I'd usually delete the messages at "Hey, hun...." Not because I didn't care, but because I'd most likely already talked to her since she left it, or I was about to call her anyway, and I knew she'd prefer to tell me whatever herself.

God I wish I'd kept even one of those messages. I'll never hear that "Hey, hun..." again.
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Well, I went and cleared out Mom's things Thursday. I'm not sure which was hardest: being there surrounded by her things and her presence, all the people who stopped in with hugs and condolences (my Mom was clearly very well-loved there), or the odd person who stopped in who didn't know, and asked where she was.

Thing is, she was SO looking forward to moving into the new facility, and it is gorgeous. When I took her to the open house, I literally cried, I was so happy she'd get to live in such a beautiful environment. The bitter irony? Her wing was moving over there the very day I was there boxing up her things. Those that didn't know she was gone assumed I was helping her to move over, and kept asking if she was happy and excited. Ouch.

Her memorial is Monday, and my family will be there, and I know many of the residents and staff will be too. I asked for it not to be heavily religious, but more about sharing memories. It's going to be really hard, but it's part of healing. I'm giving my son the day off school, too. I think it will help him in the long run to see how she was loved, and hear how important he was to her.

So, slowly, life goes on. I still fall apart sometimes, usually when I least expect it, of course, but it's getting better. Time, time, time. It's just going to take time. Well, maybe the occasional stiff drink, but mostly time....
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I'm putting this here as much for me as for anyone else. It's long and awful, and I don't expect anyone to want to read it. I just...needed to put it here, because it's part of my story, ya know?

The whole story about my Mom... )
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So, I know I haven't been here much, but I feel as though I'm starting to get back to it. I have been doing some housecleaning around here, too. I cut a bunch of old communities, and I also trimmed the f-list of a handful of journals that haven't been updated in about a year and a half. I think most of them now have journals under different names, and a few have just gone on to other things... (If you were cut and you want to be added back, just let me know!)

There is a post about my mom coming soon, and there will be many more to follow it, I am sure. (I'll probably lj-cut them, since they likely won't be happy ones...) Suffice to say, it's just insanely awful and heartbreaking, but I'm dealing. The hardest part (well, sometimes, there's a lot of hardest parts, really. They sort of take turns.) is knowing it should not have happened this way. There has been so much negligence with her care; it's really infuriating. I'm documenting everything now...

My class is going well so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I may lose one of the ones for fall, but if so, I can always offer it up next time, so it's cool. I may put some feelers out for other schools, too. I'm just really happy to be teaching, at last.

Otherwise, things have been surprisingly....well, calm seems the wrong word given the circumstances, but I'll be darned if I can think of a better one....
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95 pages written, plus 5 bibliography, 171 footnotes. It's a f@cking thesis, dammit. AND I wrote an annotated bibliography and course syllabus to go with it. So wanna tell me again it's the "non-thesis option?"

Augh. Point is, it's done. Or it damn well better be. I'm going to go sleep for a week. Well, no, I have to take mom to the doc tomorrow. (Yes, we got her test results finally, and yes, the big C is back.... *sigh*)

Plz to shoot me nao?
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Getting back into this thing called life, and so far, it's kind of nice! I've been doing a lot around the house - decorating, cleaning, getting hastily moved piles of stuff sorted at last...

I got the niftiest little space heater for the family room; it looks like a wood-burning stove, and it has those odd lights that look like a fire. It's cheesy, but I love it! And this is now one of the warmest rooms in the house! Yay!

I spent several hours in the basement getting the workbench and all the tools arranged and sorted today. Hubby now has a full set of tools he can take to various projects without leaving me tool-less and irritated. Plus, I now have a nice clean Ms. Fix-it space. W00t!

Father-in-law is recovering from surgery, and doing really well, and Mom is still waiting to hear the results of the biopsy - which reminds me, time to chase that down! But she feels fine, and she's really excited about the new facility she'll be moving into in January.

It's funny - I feel like I've been sort of keeping quiet about everything until I was done with school, even unrelated things. I do have a bit of venting to get off my chest, but that can keep until my revisions are approved. Still, it's weird to think I won't be taking classes in Spring. And oddly anti-climactic! LOL Then again, I am sure that will fade when I am burning the midnight oil getting all my syllabus info together and such!

Ugh. I need coffee, and a shower, then off to pick up the boy, and go visiting relatives!



Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

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