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Type these words into your iTunes library and name the first song that appears.

Happy: I'm Only Happy When It Rains / Garbage
Love: Ever Fallen in Love? / Buzzcocks
Hate: The Thing I hate / Stabbing Westward
Light: Swept Away Bayou (Facing The Headlights Alone) / 30 Odd Foot of Grunts
Dark: Darker / Assemblage 23
Good: Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye / Ella Fitzgerald
Bad: Return of the Heretic / Badawi (or I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good / Duke Ellington, if you want it in the song name)
Smile: I Wish You Could Smile / Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Cry: Freedom Cry / Deep Forest
Girl: Girl, Your Really Got me Now / The Clash
Boy: Boys Of The Town; Jackson's Jig The Connaughtman's Rambles / Matt Molloy
Sad: Sadness / Enigma
Lost: Paradise Lost / Lisa Gerrard
Night: Night and Day / Django Reinhard
Day: Mysterious Days / Sarah Brightman
Wolf: The Sparrow and the Nightingale / Wolfsheim
Robot: nothing, believe it or not…..
Dance: Saltarello / Dead Can Dance (or Mummr's Dance / Loreena McKennitt)
Time: Warbling Time / Inlakesh
Life: Wild Wild Life / Talking Heads
Death: Fatal Confrontation (The Death Of Gashka Gavor) / Badawi


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Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

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