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In other news, we have a second cat! Why? Well, for one thing, the vet recommended it when we were concerned about Widget, our adolescent rebel, being a bit too wild. And of course, I'm a sucker for a fuzzy face. I saw this really sweet cat at the adoption center at the local pet supply way back before Christmas. I was really taken with her then, but.... I hemmed and hawed. I wasn't ready.

We go to different locations of the same local chain, so I didn't get back there until last week. And sure enough, the poor thing was still there! (Apparently they have a really hard time adopting our black cats - I guess people are still scared of them or something. Oi!) I almost took her on the spot, but I decided I needed to sleep on it, to say nothing of consulting the husband. He gave the OK, so back I went, and one week ago today, Midnight joined our family!

She's a medium-haired mixed breed, all black, about a year old. Poor dear hadn't had any vet care until she was surrendered by her former owner (along with two others) because they couldn't afford to keep them. I'm really grateful they at least gave them up, and didn't dump them! Midnight was the last of the three to need a home, and I'm really happy she's our! She's a sweet, cuddly thing, purrs at the drop of a hat. She's still pretty hostile (if totally unafraid) of Widget, even though he's a good bit bigger than she is (she's tiny!). But Widget seems to just want to play, so I think they'll work it out fine. Here she is:
Second day, and she seems quite at home already. No too fond of Widget, our other cat though....
Portrait of a Princess
Portrait of a Princess
She's a pretty lady, and she knows it! She's also tiny! She's at her full adult size, and she doesn't even top 9 pounds!
And the boy of the house is getting to be a big, handsome boy! He's so cute with Midnight; he follows her around everywhere, and jumps a foot if she so much as looks back over her shoulder at him. I think he's OK with her, and just wants to play....
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After many years of living critterless (well, OK there's fish and crabs and lizards, but they don't cuddle!) I am pleased to announce a new member of the family:

Meet Widget!

Widget is a male domestic shorthair, born on March 12, 2011. He became our new baby on Tuesday, May 31st. He has a very sweet temperament, and is learning to relax and take charge of his new home very quickly (as cats will do!).
Niblet with Widget
Niblet and Widget are getting along famously. He's learning to be patient about letting the kitten come to him. Given how long he's been wanting a cat, I'm impressed!

Widget; the obligatory 'investigating the camera' shot."


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