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Yep, you read that right, today, Sep. 30th is Blasphemy Day.

"Blasphemy Day is a day for recognizing the importance of blasphemy in a society which values the right to free speech. Without freedom to blaspheme, to speak out against ridiculous religious doctrines which keep society in darkness and ignorance, we cannot truly have freedom of speech. To blaspheme is to hold the idea that there is nothing which is so sacred that it cannot be criticized, mocked, or even spoken aloud."

And really, even though religious blasphemy is the closest type of blasphemy to my godless little heart, I think we can (and must) interpret 'religious doctrines' to include anything that is accepted as beyond reproach, question, or critique. And anything held in that way, be it religious, political, cultural, whatever, becomes dogma. But intellectual honesty, free speech, and our development as human beings demands that we question, challenge, examine, and demand proof of our dogma.

So get on out there and talk smack about a sacred cow, mouth off to a sanctimonious presupposition, or talk trash on a taboo topic!


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Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

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