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lunadelcorvo: (Red Braid Gold Dress)


Resources & information to oppose the theocratic right

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Created on 2010-09-02 01:00:23 (#560905), last updated 2018-09-09 (27 weeks ago)

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Name:: : : L u n a d e l C o r v o : : :
Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:United States of America
Look for a new bio soon - this one has been patched, edited, and scotch-taped for a decade. time for a new start. Watch this space!

Interests (250):

'67 impala, 100x100, academia, adorno, alison bechdel, ambient music, ancient history, anthropology, anti-capitalism, anti-heroes, antipopes, antiquity, antitheism, archaeology, aristotelian recovery, arjuna, art history, arthurian literature, arts & crafts style, arts and crafts, assemblage 23, atheism, banned books, baudrillard, bellydance, beowulf, bertrand russell, black death, books, bookstores, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, bustle era, casavir, cathars, cathedrals, cats, celtic knotwork, celtic music, chansons de geste, charles darwin, chocolate, chretien de troyes, christopher hitchens, civil liberties, classical mythology, coffee, computers, corvidae, costume history, costuming, crows, crusades, cultural theory, d&d, d20 system, dante, dante alighieri, dead can dance, democratic socialism, discourse, divina commedia, divine comedy, dollhouse, dragon age, dragons, dungeons & dragons, durga, dystopian, elric, eschatology, esoteric, etymology, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, firefly, firenze, florence, folklore, forgotten realms, foucault, fountain pens, frankfurt school, freedom from religion, freedom of religion, fundamentalism, game theory, gaming, ganesh, ganesha, geek, geeks, german, giovanni boccaccio, girl genius, gnostic, graduate school, grammar, graphic design, hebrew, hellenistic, henna tattoos, henrik ibsen, heresies, heresy, hermeneutics, high middle ages, hinduism, historic costume, historical fiction, horkheimer, html, icons, il convivio, il triomfi, illuminated manuscripts, incense, inferno, ink, inquisition, italian, jewish mysticism, kabbalah, kali, knights templar, la divina commedia, la vita nuova, latin, leftist, liberal, liberal politics, liberalism, literature, loreena mckennitt, lycia, maat, mac, machiavelli, macintosh, mahabharata, manuscripts, maps, margaret atwood, marvel, marxism, mass effect, medieval, medieval archaeology, medieval europe, medieval history, medieval latin, medieval literature, medieval manuscripts, medieval religion, medieval studies, medievalia, medievalism, merkevah, michel foucault, middle ages, mircea eliade, mythology, nag champa, nag hammadi, narrative structure, neverwinter, neverwinter nights, orwell, paladins, paleography, papacy, paradise lost, paradiso, parvati, petrarch, philosophy, photoshop, planned parenthood, politics, postmodernism, postsecret, power, pro choice, pro-choice, purgatorio, qabalah, ravens, religious extremism, religious studies, representation matters, reproductive rights, research, richard dawkins, role-playing, roycrofters, rpg, sacred texts, saraswati, sarcasm, scholasticism, science fiction, scottish history, sefer yetzirah, semiotics, sheaffer, shiva nataraja, simone de beauvoir, social philosophy, steampunk, supernatural, sword coast, symbolism, tarot, tarot cards, tattoos, teaching, teaching college, teaching english, teaching latin, tetragrammaton, the 12th century renaissance, the crusades, the divine comedy, the knights templar, the matrix, the middle ages, the second sex, theocracy, theonomy, thirteenth-century, thomas aquinas, thoth, tree of life, twelfth-century, tyr, unrequited love, used books, vegetarian, vergil, victoriana, video game studies, video games, vintage pens, visconti, voynich manuscript, web design, writing instruments, קבּלה
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