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Today's offering is another recipe. I'll post another cookie recipe once I get baking, but for now:

Saké Mushroom Veggie-Stuffing

This fantastic stuffing (or dressing, if you prefer) is simplicity itself, gets raves every year, and is actually healthy. low-fat and meat-free!

Croutons (1 large loaf of whole wheat bread, cubed, and dried; 40 mins in a very low oven does the trick; leave them in until you're ready for them. They must be totally dry!)
Medium bunch of celery
2 medium-largeish onions
Small container fresh mushrooms (I like portobellos, but buttons work fine, too)
1 cup veggie broth
1 cup sake (yes, Japanese rice wine - trust me on this!)
1/4 cup soy sauce
Seasonings as you like (I use marjoram, sage, garlic, pepper, and a teensy dash of rosemary)

Combine sake, broth and soy sauce, mix in seasonings.
Dice up the veggies (I use the celery all the way up to the leaves - the leaves add greens and a nice nutty zing) and soak in the broth mixture at least an hour (overnight is great if you can plan ahead)
Just before baking, mix the croutons into the mixture.

Bake covered 45-60 mins in a medium oven (300 or so) and enjoy!

(This goes great with a Qorn roast, baked with a similar mix of broth and sake, with big chunks of onion and carrot baked alongside. I also add a handful of juniper berries and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup to the roast. Yum!)

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