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Because I'm a complete geek: Better shots of the restored pens I posted before. The images I originally put up just don't show the amazing colors of the marbled resin. Under a cut, lest I be just obnoxious with my pen porn... )
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I've been tinkering with my pens again... Below are two of the many fixer-upper pens I've had lying about. I sent a bunch off to Pay-It-Forward on Fountain Pen Network, and finally sat down and spent some time repairing a couple of the ones I kept. Neither are top-shelf pens, but both are lovely writers, and will doubtless get lots of use. I've done a few of these before, but nevertheless, I'm terrible tickled with the results! Here they are (the photos don't' do them justice, I may post better ones tomorrow, when I can snap them in daylight, which always works better with my camera.... Anywho, click to enlarge!

A lovely little Green Mabie Todd 'Swan' sporting a 14K medium nib with just a hint of flex. This is a sweet little pen, but one of the cap bands is loose, and there is a crack/hole in the end of the barrel. I don't know if it's worth sending to one of the pen-meisters to patch, as it doesn't seem to really affect the pen itself.
Remington is a pretty off-off-brand, maybe third tier at best. However, this baby has a buttery smooth fine (and I don't like fine nibs as a rule to begin with!) and a really gorgeous black & copper tortoise-shell body. The clip, band and lever are silver, doubtless a finish over brass or base metal, but they are in really good shape. This one is totally a keeper! The fine nib will be perfect for notes in books, grading papers, etc. where a bigger nib gets clunky.

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But things are coming slowly back to life.... Bit of shuffling about with fall classes (and may I say how nice it is that this means teaching, not taking these days?) but it will fall out as it will. Honestly, I'm not worried, and I'll enjoy whatever I end up with. (I am totally going to keep working on that Dante Social Justice course though!)

My class is going great so far; I'm really enjoying it. We are finally past all the intro & background (a few snow days will mess up the most carefully plotted syllabus!) and into the real material, and I finally have them talking! Yay! Second stack of papers to grade this evening/tomorrow. This is new enough that I am tickled by it. Give me a year, and I'll be moaning in proper academic tradition, never fear...

Got a new phone (per previous post) and am liking the tech shiny. Yes, it's a 'droid (no iPhone for me - I'd love one, but AT&T IS the evil empire....) Mine, unlike the photo, is a most pleasing shade of purple-burgundy. (Purple smart-phone - yay!) I am now trying to find a hard-shell case for it that does not simply scream 'bling-addled-Twilight-wannabe-fluffball." This is far harder than one might think, so I am thinking basic black may be the answer. Nevertheless, my inner magpie is most pleased, but can someone please tell me where the hell the apostrophe is? *snerk*

Otherwise, there's a few pen happenings coming up that I am ridiculously excited about. I shan't go into the gory details of nib-grinding, section removal, or plunger gaskets; suffice to say it's good days for this pen-geek. Oh, and finally, I will keep it brief, but as a former Cheddar-head, I have to say: Way to go, Packers! My grandpa would be proud!


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