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What a year it's shaping up to be! Over the summer, hubby's grandmother has had her health decline rapidly. Actually, this has been along process for years; she had MD, and had been losing strength and mobility steadily for years. THis year it's really been accelerating. Worse yet, her husband, himself in his upper 80s has been unable to let go and put her n a proper nursing facility. One the one hand, I understand this, especially knowing him. He's the epitome of "pride goeth before a fall," except he thinks that means when your pride goes away, that's when you fall. It's meant a lot to him that he's cared for her for so long, and he doesn't want to give up and admit he can't any more. But really, he should have, for both their sakes. Now, however, she's been diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. She's in hospice, she's lost any real kind of coherence, and it's unlikely she'll ever regain it. Heartbreakingly, in her pain and delerium, she rails against Papaw for trying to get rid of her. I can see the damage that does to him every time she says it. He's said outright he doesn't want to go on without her; I suspect he won't.

Naturally, all of this is, as I said, inevitable. With a condition like hers, we all knew it would end like this. Which doesn't make it one whit less awful to see. And of course, it's bringing back the pain of my mother's death all over. So yay. I feel for hubby, too, as he recently had a good friend who had suffered a long-term illness call hi out of the blue to say goodbye. He said he'd taken a turn, and wouldn't be seeing him again. We found out a few days later he and his wife checked into the swankiest hotel in town, had champagne and then committed suicide together. I made the news. Now his grandmother is past the point of no return, and his grandfather is swearing he won't outlive her.

His father (my father in law) has also been left nearly blind by a failed eye surgery in one eye and a blown vessel in the other in about a four week period. So, universe, if you're listening, we're good now, no more surprises, yeah?

Otherwise, I suppose things are fine. I feel totally overwhelmed with work this semester, but I suppose that's not altogether new either, I really want to finish up the last of the kitchen because, as wonderful as it is, it's been the f-ing elephant on my shoulder for the better part of three months and I'm so ready to set it down. However, it's going to be 8 weeks before the tile comes in for the backsplash, (which yours truly is installing) so it's more or less never going to be finished. (First world problem, especially in light of all the rest, but it's the little ones that bug ya, ya know?)

And I so did not intend to make this a pity party sort of diatribe. Ah well, bucket dumped; look for a slightly more upbeat post next time!
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Not much going on, but trying to stick to my (oft-repeated) determination to actually be here!

Classes are going really well; I've just begun to shake up my students, which is always very rewarding. In Utopia/Dystopia, they are having to come to grips with the idea that America is NOT the be-all of a perfect society! It's great when I can lead them to realize this in in their own - that's how minds open! And in Dev. of Christianity, we have just dealt with how little evidence we have outside of the bible for Jesus ever existing, and how very dodgy the biblical 'evidence' really is. Then we went right into an overview of 1st-3rd century heresies. It's funny how easily they can spot the logical inconsistencies there, compared to if I started them on contemporary stuff. But by the time we get to 20th century, they will be used to thinking critically - that, again, is where minds open. So good stuff all round!

Getting the countertops installed tomorrow! Yay; no more temporary counters of old cabinet doors! Of course this means I have to unhook the sink (again) and will need to re-plumb the new one...*sigh* Hopefully no more than one (maybe two) days of no kitchen sink.... First world problems again, I know. LOL

OK, geek moment: Picking up Diablo 3 for Xbox today (been playing on Mac for ages). Whee! Also SO totally psyched for updates on all my favorite games: D3 Reaper of Souls expansion, and Fable Legends both look *awesome!!!!* And still hopeful for Dragon Age: Inquisition - I adored Origins SO, SO, much, and DA:II just really didn't do a thing for me. (Maybe if I'd played it first, but it was a piss-poor followup to the awesome that was Origins...) SO yes - much squeeing for this little geek girl!

Oh, and tea. I'm in a huge tea phase right now - just got a big batch of Jasmine Dragon, and mixed up a new batch of my black tea/berry blend. Gonna float away at this rate, but what the heck - tea is good, right?
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So, we are redoing our kitchen. It's about damned time - our kitchen is small, and it was a jumble of everything from original 1940s built-ins, 1960s add-ins, and all the cutting edge interior design savvy one would expect from the 1980s. Ew.

We looked at buying salvaged cabinets, but honestly, with a kitchen as small as ours we just didn't have much wiggle room to work with whatever we ended up finding. And I really wanted to go for a classic arts & crafts/Stickly/mission style, which you just do not find in salvaged cabinets. So we went the Home Depot route, and have custom designed cabinets arriving in two weeks. Which means I am in crazy mad demolition mode!

Actually it's rather fun, finally being able to demolish this stuff I've been cursing at for three years. So far, all the cabinets but the sink base are out, we are stripping wallpaper (my new worst job ever!) and I am stripping roughly 50 years of paint off of the window and door frames (my number 2 worst job ever!). Although I did find this awesome soy-based gel stripper that is no oder and water washable - makes it SO much easier!

After that's done, I'll paint the whole thing (one coat primer, one or two coats base, and then a rag finish in a slightly lighter color), and stain the woodwork. That *should* just about get me to delivery date. Then we get the cabinets, but no counter. We have to get that remeasured after the install, and wait another 3 weeks.

Then I am putting in a tile backsplash that I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with yet. I'm waiting for samples to figure out what I CAN do (arts and crafts style tile is frakkin' expensive y'all!). This will also determine my final choice of paint, so I hope they get here soon, cause clock is ticking! Then I will take the glass panels from the 2 cabinets that have them, and do a mock-stained glass design on them (depending on what I end up doing with the tile and paint colors...) I still have to find a facet, and pick an over-the-range microwave.

Whew! First world problems, right? I have ordered the cabinet hardware (OMG gorgeousness and love!). Here is our door style: Gettysburgh in Maple Auburn Glaze. I'm thinking a sort of toned down golden parchment yellow for the walls, and a sort of sage-green tiles with rust-colored grout for the backsplash. I'll post pics as it starts to come together.... meanwhile, more stripping! (If only that was as much fun as it implies....)



Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

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