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The Good:

- Being a professor, can, if you get on the right mailing lists, mean free books, in just the subjects you love! 'Examination copies' are the best!

- I am loving my new browser. Safari has become an overweight slob, and much as I love it in some ways, I have had enough of the spinny beachball of doom to last a lifetime, kthnxbai. So I took Opera for a spin. Fast, lightweight, very secure. Yay! (It's amazng how much difference this makes in my day, really. Alarming, in fact.)

- I am becoming quite addicted to Pinterest! If anyone else is on it, let me know. If you want an invite to join the insanity fun, I'd be happy to invite ya!

- I am making home made laundry, dish and hand soap. It's easy, and cheap, and more or less chemical free. Time will tell if they work - watch this space.

The Annoying:

- I know I have been letting my son watch more TV than I/we would prefer. I have also been suffering from some ghastly, weather-driven sinus-chest-cough-sneeze plague for weeks now, thank you very much. It's damn easy to tell me I shouldn't and then neglect to offer options, Mr. Teaches 10 classes and is never home.... Argh. Can I get back to my life and breathing soon?

- Related to the above, global warming deniers are cordially invited to kiss my butt. Global warming is rapidly rendering my already allergy-laden hometown unlivable by allergy-ridden me! Can I please have a little winter, just to kill off the last year's crud before a new crop springs up?! And I am SO not looking forward to mosquito hell unless we get a really serious freeze....

- Who knew it's as hard to get into Middle School as it is some colleges? Sheesh! Transcripts, references, essays... It's 6th grade people!

The Unexpected:

- The Spanish Inquisition (sorry, had to; contractually obligated, you understand)

- I may end up a student again. *sigh* I am both tickled and... not by this. I can get a second MA, for free, at the uni where I teach. (I get full class-for-class tuition credit.) There are not a lot of grad programs, but there is Communication. OK, yes, I think an undergrad major in Comm is kind of like 'rocks for jocks,' it's true. But at the grad level with the experience I have? I can kind of make it anything I want it to be. I can certainly use it to do work with the Religious Right in the media, which (if you read here much) I already do a lot. And I think I can even do some interesting stuff with medieval studies. Did I mention free? Besides, it will make those pesky loans go away for a while, too. And, free!

- This one belongs under 'The Good' but wouldn't have made sense until you'd seen the above. My boss (at my uni) literally submitted my letter of reference LESS THAN TWO HOURS after I first e-mailed him about it, entirely out of the blue! And he seemed almost giddy about the idea of my enrolling there. This was a week ago, and I'm STILL waiting for the other one(s) to come in from my alma mater. Just goes to show....

- I keep wanting to make a timely and relevant post about the current political situation, but every time I get something started, someone does something even MORE outrageous and dunder-headed, so I keep having to start over. Working on real content, promise!


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Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

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