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OK, yes, I am one of those (likely insufferable) geeks who actually gets a huge charge out of going to lectures at symposia and universities and such. (Shocked, aren't you?) Well, I just got a double dose of October geek heaven!

October 6: Eastern KY University, Chautauqua Lectures: Richard Dawkins, "The Magic of Reality"

October 10: University of Kentucky Boone Symposium: Bart Ehrman, "Are Faith and History Compatible?"

*dances happily* Dawkins everyone knows (love or hate him, everyone knows him!) but Ehrman is a prominent scholar of Biblical textual history. His specialty is in researching the history of the Bible AS a text, with all its inconsistencies, edits, mistakes, etc. In fact, he started out as a fundie, but from years of studying the texts of the Bible, he became an agnostic. I've read several of his books, including two specifically recommended to me by Dr. Slavin, whom you may recall is one of my all-time favorite professors. (In fact, I think I will e-mail him and let him know about the lecture.)

I am terrifically excited! I'm also offering my students extra credit for going to either one if they bring proof and write a short summary/reaction paper to the talk(s). Best of all, Niblet is going too, and he, too is very excited.



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