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Sorry I've been semi-away, but it was a very odd week. For one thing, it's finals for my college classes, and those always get squirrelly; papers to grade (so far actually pretty good this time, knock on wood!), and panicky students...

After my unpleasant Monday, things looked up a bit, in part because himself kept to himself. Then Thursday, I got his with I don't even know what; either the short-lived stomach bug from hell, or I ate something that disagreed with me, violently! I ended up calling in sick to my middle school classes (first time this school year), but was begged to come in for my evening 'other person in the building' shift anyway. Meh - three hours to play games and surf - I can do that. I did feel better by then, after a horrible morning. By Friday I was fine, though I felt like I'd run a marathon, and my stomach muscles were threatening mutiny....

I was able to take Friday easy, but then turned right around and worked my butt off in the yard on Saturday (for which my back has not stopped chastising me...ouch!) Still, good work was done...

Then Sunday was a brief D&D session with the kiddo, his friend, and my cousin. And grading papers. Have I mentioned I kind of hate grading papers? *sigh*

More than you ever wanted to know about my Struggle for the Yard (See, that's me, in the icon, holding back the ebil weeds...LOL):

What you may not know is that my backyard has been flanked on three sides by people who do nothing to control their weeds. So unless I have been constantly diligent (which is nigh unto impossible for me n the height of summer in our weather, since I have been very reluctant to use herbicides), there is a wave of vines and weeds that just overwhelms my yard. (e.g. milkweed, some kind of vinca or creeping myrtle that is Satan in vine form, and something that looks *just* like a grapevine except for a truly disappointing lack of grapes...)

The folks on either side have improved; one by being more on top of their own jungle, and the other, believe it or not, by being in foreclosure, so the bank HAS to keep it under control, more or less. That leaves the back fence. My side is clear, but I can't get to the other side, and they let all the crap run wild. So it's better, if not ideal.

I have also decided that, fuck it, I want to have my property be reasonably well-maintained, so I have been doing regular patrols with RoundUp. I know, it's the devil, but between it and the weeds, it's the devil I can control. The problem is, these things are so well entrenched, the just keep popping back up. Someone told me to dig them out, but I'd have to dig up half the property to get the root systems out. So, it's a step by step battle to reclaim a bit at a time.

On the upside, the few plantings that survived the several years in which I gave up seem to be making up for lost time and flourishing, and the few new things I've put in seem to be getting strong starts. It's all still a bit scraggly, but once it comes together I will post photos.

So first final exam given, one to go, then one school DONE! Huzzah!

Date: May 2nd, 2017 02:38 pm (UTC)
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Good luck reclaiming your back yard! It sounds frustrating to have to keep policing it but hopefully it'll be in check someday :) :)

I'm glad you're feeling better


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