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I have a thing for voices. I recognize them with a weird sort of accuracy SO I started keeping a list. This is highly specific to stuff I watch/play, but it might be amusing.

AtLA Commander Zhao = Lucius Malfoy
Dragon Age II’s Fenris = Diablo 3’s Crusader = C.O.D. Adv. Warfare’s Commander Gideon
Dragon Age II’s Male Hawke = Dragon Age: Origins’ Ser Bryant/Arl of Denerim
Dragon Age II’s Varric Tethras = StarCraft II’s Matt Horner
Diablo 3’s Kormac/Templar = Star Tek: Enterprise’s Malcolm Smith
Fable III’s Ben Finn = Star Trek Reboot’s Scotty
Fable III’s Sir Walter Beck = LoTR’s Theoden
Diablo 3’s Headrig Eamon = Dragon Age: Origin’s Loghain MacTyr = Mass Effect’s Adm. Han Gerrel
Dragon Age II’s Arishock = Diablo 3’s Imperius
Bioshock Infinite’s Booker DeWitt = Diablo 3’s Lyndon/Scoundrel
Dragon Age: Origins’ Alistair = Crossing Jordan’s Nigel Townsend
Dragon Age: Origins’ Morrigan = Diablo 3’s Cydea Mistress of Lust = Farscape’s Aeryn Sun
Bioshock’s Rosalind Lutece = Diablo 3’s Leah = Mass Effect FemShep
Mass Effect’s Grunt = StarCraft’s Abathur = Diablo 3’ Zoltan Kuhle = Dragon Age Origins’ Oghren
Dragon Age: Awakening’s Anders = Dragon Age II/Inquisition’s Cullen (how’s that for ironic?)

Mind. Blown.


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Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

Historians are the Cassandras of the Humanities