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It's funny - this shift over to DW has me going back and reading entries from well over ten years ago. It's funny how many things have changed, and even funnier how many things haven't. The first couple years are from when I was still working for that horrible ad agency - man, that place almost did me in! And My return to school & academia.... I've never been one to wallow, but it's nice sometimes to look back over where you've been, and how you got where you are....

(Not that I'm going to go so far as to thank LJ/SUP for the prompt; they still suck!)

So now the big question: do I accept the new LJ TOS so I can make a post there telling everyone to find me here? Right now I can't post or comment at all w/o accepting the new TOS.....

Date: April 12th, 2017 01:42 am (UTC)
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Well, my take on accepting/not accepting the TOS is this:

If you accept it, the worst they can do to you is delete your journal without warning. But meanwhile, you can't communicate with anyone there. Also, check your "memories" on LJ if you used that function, because memories don't import, so anything you want to save, you'll have to do by hand.

If you DON'T accept it, the worst they can do to you is delete your journal without warning. There is really no up side here. No telling anyone where you went and no retrieving anything that may not have ported over.


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