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I got my old* Icon Community's posts straightened out, so if you're looking for icons, check it out!

[community profile] artis_ex_corvus

I am still working on getting the tags fixed, but there aren't so many posts that it's a problem. I'm thinking I might start making icons again; I always sort of loved the amazing range of what can be done in 100 x 100 pixels....

*OK, yes, some of them are a bit dated, but really, they were quite 'au currant' when they were made!
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Things I need to remember:
• Asking for help is not, as it turns out, fatal.
• Laughing is easier than pulling your hair out, and doesn't have the unfortunate side effect of making you look like a plague victim.
• Even the biggest tasks can be defeated if taken a bit at a time.
• I can write a paper the night before it's due, but the results are not all they could be.
• Be thorough, but focused.
• Trust yourself.
• Honesty, always.

Historians are the Cassandras of the Humanities